Guide to attesting your educational certificates in Dubai

One of the first requirements while going through an important procedure in the Emirates will be authenticated certificates. You will need attested educational documents when you apply for a job or try to join a university for higher studies. Attested certificates will ensure smooth processing of your application.

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If you are not aware of the attestation procedures, every simple step will feel very challenging to you. So, get advice from someone who has gone through the same to avoid hassles while attesting your educational documents.

Why do I have to attest my certificates?

When you move to a foreign country, you have to prove the authorities of that country that the documents you submit are legally valid. Document attestation is the act of authenticating your documents in order to validate your credentials.

How to attest my degree certificates?

For an educational document to be legally verified in UAE, it must have gone through attestation or legalization procedures.

The following are the usual procedures you will have to go through, for your degree certificate attestation.

Attestation from your home country:

Prior to coming UAE, Your documents must be legally verified from your home country or from the country the certificate was issued. In most of the countries, this is under the Ministry of foreign affairs of that country.

Attestation from UAE Embassy:

After getting attestation from the Foreign affairs department, go to the UAE embassy in your country along with the attested copies. These documents will be checked and verified from the embassy.

Attestation from UAE :

Finally, these documents should be attested by the Ministry of foreign affairs in UAE. The fee for this varies depending upon the document you want to attest.

Obtaining a true copy of lost certificate


If you lost an original certificate or if you need a true copy, you can get one from the Dubai courts Notary Public. A scanned copy of the original certificate will be saved in archives. A Certified copy can be used instead of an original certificate. Following are the steps for getting a true cop.

1. Get an Arabic request from a certified typist after submitting your original document or copy which has the archive number.

2. Go to the DCNP branch during morning time with the original or copy of the document which has the DCNP sticker along with the Arabic request.

3. Pay the fee after verifying your identity and get a true copy stamped DCNP-True copy along with the date.

Consult with someone experienced in these procedures in advance to avoid troubles.



Things to know before moving to Dubai

Dubai is one of the most famous cities in the world and there is no question in that. From the buildings about to touch the sky to the cultural diversity, many things make Dubai special from cities all around the world. More than 80 percent of people in Dubai are expats. Meeting new people in Dubai is a pretty thing to do since almost everyone is in the same boat as you. You get to mingle with people from all around the world with different cultures.


Requirements for obtaining residency in Dubai :

Make sure you have all your important documents with you if you are planning a new life in Dubai. UAE is very strict in terms of the law. For example, you need to have to have a passport valid at least six months in order to enter UAE. If you recently changed your name and haven’t updated it in your passport, this will get you into trouble too.

Dubai is famous for its strict laws too. For example, for a woman to enter UAE on a spouse visa, her husband should have a minimum salary of 4000 AED per month. They also should have an attested marriage certificate to prove that they are legally married. Marriage certificate attestation in Dubai will take some days to get things processed.

Getting certificate attestation is a long and tiresome process. Attestation process involves getting it attested from various authorities in your country and in UAE. I would recommend you to get all your important documents attested to avoid troubles later.

Your employer will assist you in getting a residence visa in most cases. All you have to provide will the necessary documents they ask you for. Keep some extra copies of your passport size photo with you since it will be required in many situations.

Cost of living:

You might know the fact that UAE is tax-free. But there are some certain expenses that you cannot avoid. The temperature in Dubai is high and you will be spending most of your time in air conditioned rooms and vehicles. The cost of food and accommodations is quite above the rates in European and Asian countries.

It would cost you around 1500-1800 dollars per month for a 900 square foot apartment.

Household utilities cost less since they are partly subsidized by the UAE government and would cost you around 150-180 dollars. The air conditioning costs will reach the maximum in the summer time.

Financial aspects:

You should have a basic health insurance before entering UAE. In the case of applying for residency, you will have to go through a mandatory medical examination. In order to apply for a passport, you will have to provide ID card, letter from your employer, passport etc.


Tax-free salary

This is one of the most attractive things about working in Dubai. You pay no taxes from your earnings.

Mixed culture

Even though UAE is an Arabic country, people from all religions and cultures live here. Even though, drinking alcohol in public is prohibited. Consuming food public in the month of Ramadan is also against the law.

Cons :

Temperature –

Dubai is very hot at most times of the year and you may find it hard to adjust to it.

Work pressure-

You will have to work hard to earn like you dreamed. You will see a lot of construction workers working hard all their day and this may kill your happiness.